Stitching And Packing


Auto Hemming:

We have two Bando long hemming Machines equipped with Pegasus chain stitch sewing heads. They are capable of neatly stitching the long hem of the towel, leaving no margin for error.

Bathrobe Stitching:

Tulip has 3 stitching floors, one for bathrobes & made ups and ther two are for towels.  Each towel floor can stitch 10,000pcs of bath towels per day in general whereas 1000 bathrobes can be stitched & packed on bathrobe floor. So the annual capacity of confection is as under. Bathrobes 1000pcs per day, 300,000 Pcs per annum.

Towel Stitching: 

Confection department is equipped with a mix of European and Japanese machines. The manufacturers of these machines also provide in-house training to our production staff. Tulip product range includes bathrobes, pure white institutional towels, solid dyed, yarn dyed stripes and Jacquard towels in variety of sizes and weights. The department is equipped with computerized Juki machines. We can stitch 20,000 towels per day capacity in two dept.  Towels 8000 kg per day, 2400 M. Ton per annum

‚ÄčPacking And Checking:
None of our checking and packing team staff is contract labor. All our checkers and graders are in house trained employees and this helps us execute gold level checking standards.